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Superbena® Royale Romance Verbena (click for more information)

June 27, 2017
By Dave Harrison


May 2017 – For designers looking for just the right shade of red that falls between the fire engine red blossoms of ‘Royale Red’ and the purple blossoms of ‘Royale Plum Wine,’ there is ‘Royale Romance.’ Its deep red blossoms will remind you of red velvet cake or merlot as it blends seamlessly into jewel-toned combinations.

You can expect the same exceptional resistance to powdery mildew as the rest of our popular Superbena line with ‘Royale Romance.’ Its beautiful blossoms are a bit smaller than typical Superbena but are bred to completely cover the canopy of dark green foliage all summer without going out of bloom, even in hot, dry climates. This plant makes a perfect 4″ Grande™ but becomes a vigorously spreading plant for the consumer as it matures. It is an excellent spiller in combination planters and hanging baskets. Part sun to full sun.


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