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SuffOil-X now approved for cannabis

March 27, 2020  By Greenhouse Canada

Photo Credit: BioWorks

Suffoil-X has been approved for indoor commercial cannabis use in Canada.

The horticultural spray oil has been registered for the control of spider mites, scales, thrips and whiteflies and deters feeding by aphids. It also suppresses powdery mildew.

It’s an excellent option for managing of a range of ‘hard to control’ pests, says Dr. Michael Brownbridge, Biological Program Manager at BioWorks. “The label expansion is for foliar sprays only. Best applied early, before pest populations build, like any good IPM product use to prevent pests from becoming a problem!”


Brownbridge suggests a number of tips for best application and results, including using a fine mist spray rather than a heavy wet spray. “Do not apply on overcast, humid days to ensure that spray droplets dry within 2 h of application; for the same reasons, spray when humidity is less than 90%. Spray early in the day before temperatures reach 33-35 °C. Ensure soil moisture is adequate and plants are not drought stressed. Do not mix with sulfur-based fungicides or insecticides.”

Compared to other oils, he says the ultra-refined oil and small oil droplets in the emulsion greatly reduce the risks of phytotoxicity. The emulsion is designed for lasting stability for several hours in the spray tank, ensuring that the spray application is consistent. It’s also generally compatible with many beneficial species. As with any product, growers should read and follow label directions.

Visit BioWorks for the updated SuffOil-X label and approved use rates in cannabis and other crops

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