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New Varieties
Strawberry Delizz

January 8, 2016
By Dave Harrison


January 2016 — What’s not to like about our first ever AAS strawberry winner Strawberry Delizz® F1, bred by ABZ Seeds?…

  These vigorous strawberry plants are easy to grow, from seed or transplant, and produce an abundant harvest throughout the growing season. The best part though is the wonderful sweet strawberry burst of flavour from every handpicked berry. To enjoy fresh home-grown strawberries throughout the season, even in hot summer heat, look to Strawberry Delizz F1. These plants have a nice uniform and compact size making them perfect for containers, hanging baskets or garden plots. The hardest part of Strawberry Delizz F1 won’t be the growing but having some strawberries left for anyone else to enjoy!


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