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Starke expands product line with pallet vehicles

March 19, 2015  By Dave Harrison

March 2015 – Stärke’s goal is to offer a full line of materials handling products, and its new line of utility vehicles complements its already diverse lineup of forklifts and electric pallet trucks.

Utility vehicles are the unsung heroes of the warehouse, distribution and manufacturing industry. Starke has several categories to cover a range of applications from personnel carriers, to simple tugs that assist in pulling loads from one end of a facility to the other.

In keeping with its German language namesake (Stärke), each product, or product line, has been named for a descriptive German word.


Mobilität Means Mobility. This describes the UTT05 Personnel Carrier.

Arbeit Means Work. A perfect description for the UPT10S – 30D line of Burden Carriers.

Muskel Means Muscle. Bet you saw that coming! This describes the UTT20 – 100 line of Rider Tow tractors.

Mächtig Means Power. An excellent descriptor for the UTT45H Rider Tow Tractor.

Kraft Means Force. This describes the UTT15W powerful electric Puller Tug.

Bewegung Means Motion. This is the UTT25R Stock Picker, which features a wide range of motions.

Click here for more on each of these new products.

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