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‘Sprinkles’ a fave for flavour

November 27, 2015
By Dave Harrison


December 2015 — Vegetable growers, market farmers and home gardeners agree: the new cherry-sized tomato ‘Chocolate Sprinkles’ from PanAmerican Seed is outstanding, with a unique look and full-bodied tomato flavour…

In trial locations across the country, feedback is positive on many levels: looks, taste and plant performance. The fruit’s red colour with dark-green overlay/striping gives it its “chocolaty” appearance – a unique look for eating fresh or incorporating into summer dishes.

The indeterminate plants continue to produce firm, crack-resistant fruit all season for a long harvest window. In addition, ‘Chocolate Sprinkles’ offers higher disease resistance than similar striped cherry varieties (Fusarium Race 1, Nematodes and Tobacco Mosaic Virus).


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