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Smaller foam media packs for hydroponics

August 16, 2018  By Greenhouse Canada

Oasis®Grower Solutions Horticubes® retail packs are ideal for smaller growers or for trial runs with larger growers. Smithers-Oasis

Smithers-Oasis has recently launched a new retail pack of its Oasis® Horticubes growing media.

Featuring lower density and higher drainage foam, the growing media is designed for hydroponic seed germination of vegetables and herbs. Higher drainage helps optimize the air-to-water ratio, while enhanced drainage helps keep the tops of media drier, discouraging algae growth. The low density material makes it easier for roots to grow.

Foam media is also sterile and pathogen-free to help reduce disease and insect issues.


Horticubes fit into standard 1020 trays, and sheets are pre-scored to help separate them into single cubes, blocks of cubes or strips of cubes. For automated seeding, pre-dibbled seed holes are available in single-seed dibbles or multi-seed dibbles, and consistent in depth and spacing.

The new retail packs are meant for smaller growers or as trial packs for larger growers

They come in three sizes, 276-, 104- and 50-count sheets, with two sheets of foam media per box. Horticubes are suggested for lettuce, herbs and other vegetable crops.

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