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Searches on Pinterest reveal growing spring gardening trends

March 30, 2021  By Pinterest Canada

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After a long winter indoors and an unseasonably warm spring forecast, Canadians will be racing to spend time outside and gardening has become a growing trend.

Pinterest has seen a triple increase in searches for  “DIY garden boxes, revealing that more people are turning to the platform to find ideas for how to grow their own flowers, plants and vegetables.

“Pinterest lets me start planning well before the ground has thawed. I can see garden layouts, varietals that will work best in my climate and with my exposure, and plan all the pretty things! With the additions of chickens to our home, I’ve been using Pinterest to research how best to incorporate them into the lifecycle of our plants and vegetables,”  says Ariel Garneau, Pinterest creator.


Along with this increased interest in gardening, there are certain search trends Pinterest is seeing more as Canadians start planning their gardens this spring, including:

For many, gardening is a form of self-care. Canadian searches for whimsical gardenare up 8x, revealing that many are seeking those positive benefits of growing and surrounding themselves with greenery to create a positive and dreamy space for themselves.

Whether Canadians are looking to create their very first garden, revive wilted houseplants or take a more sustainable approach to growing their own food, Pinterest has endless inspiration. Pinterest has compiled a list of trending searches on the platform to help aspiring green thumbs achieve the gardens of their dreams.

Sustainable Gardening Ideas

Sustainability has never been more top of mind than it is right now, and gardening is no exception. There are a number of ways to practice this and Pinterest is a great place to get tips and inspiration when creating an eco-friendly garden.

DIY Fruit & Vegetable Garden

Fruit and vegetable gardens are all the rage this spring, with search terms like “vegetables garden ideas” up 30 per cent for Canadians. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing those first veggies sprout, so for Canadians looking to take up a new hobby and cure their quarantine boredom outdoors, below are some pins for inspiration.

How-to House Plants

A lot of people might not have the space for a proper garden, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy a life surrounded by lush greenery. Some Canadians, however, might need help, as Pinterest saw an increase in searches for interior garden” increase by 160 per cent. To help plant enthusiasts, first-time plant owners or even those that frequently kill their plants – Pinterest has endless resources and insights to help those indoor plants thrive.

Methodology: Trend increases are calculated from February ‘20 to February ‘21 using normalized searches; CA.

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