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Royal Brinkman releases twine designed for peppers, cucumbers and eggplants

June 2, 2021  By Royal Brinkman

Martin Meuldijk specialist crop rotation Royal Brinkman (left) and pepper grower Rob Moors (right).

When the life of your crop literally hangs by a thread, the quality should not be an issue.

Royal Brinkman has released a new twine known as ‘Valent’ for peppers, chillies, cucumbers and eggplants.

“It is strong and does not stretch, so the rows are tight from start to finish. That works well and prevents damage and loss of quality,” says pepper grower Rob Moors, who tested Royal Brinkman’s new Valent Pepper twine in 2020 and is now using it on his entire 19 hectares. He likes it in all respects.


“It had been specially developed for peppers, chillies, cucumbers and aubergines,” he recalls. “Valent Pepper twine was supposed to be able to stretch even less and handle a higher load than the usual twine for peppers, to be easy to process and a little more economical. Well, then I want to try it.”

Less stretch

Moors applied the new twine in a few plant rows. And indeed, it did not budge during cultivation. Even on the hottest summer days, when lesser quality wire can stretch a little and cause the plants to hang more in the path (with a greater chance of damage during work), all the plants stood neatly in line.

“You have to be able to trust twine blindly, and of course that comes at a price. Valent Pepper twine costs less than I was used to and that was the deciding factor. According to the specifications, I now have absolute top quality for a sweet price. I don’t need to know much more,” says Moors

What makes this twine so special? Arie Alblas, account manager Canada at Royal Brinkman, explains.

“It is composed of two types of high quality plastic and two components for UV protection. It is strong and has a very high stretch point. Flexibility is also a requirement: depending on the method of cultivation, there are up to 70,000 pepper stalks on a hectare and you have to tie each twine manually twice. In its weight class, Valent Pepper twine is at the top,” he says.

Valent Pepper twine is available from stock in the colours white (standard) and yellow. A third colour (green) is available on request.

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