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Roundup – new energy-efficient greenhouse projects

July 4, 2012  By Treena Hein

Jardin de Rabelais in France has opted for the new “SuprimAir” turn-key greenhouse from Certhon.

Several new state-of-the-art greenhouses are under construction in France, Shanghai and Armenia – and one may be opened at a biomass CHP project in Greenville, New York.

Jardin de Rabelais in France has opted for the new “SuprimAir” turn-key greenhouse from Certhon. They are going to grow small sweet tomatoes.

The greenhouse is equipped with specially-designed hoses for low energy consumption and optimum air distribution. The system includes ventilators, constantly monitored and controlled for an even climate.
The SuprimAir greenhouse is also equipped with separately controlled vents in the façade construction, which guarantee an optimum balance between the internal and external air. The heating is divided from the continuous air flow, resulting in less air resistance and therefore saving energy. The greenhouse will be lit with 210 µmol.


In Armenia, it’s just been announced that state-of-the-art Dutch greenhouse technologies will be used over 2 000 hectares in various locations by the Armenian Harvest Promotion Centre. More here.

Meanwhile in Shanghai, vertical farming firm Plantagon International has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tongji University to cooperate in research focused on energy efficiency and integrating urban agriculture in the local neighbourhood. Plantagon intends to develop integrated solutions for energy, excess heat, waste, CO2 and water. Visit here for more.

New York-based Patriot Energy Services has just purchased the inactive Greenville Steam Co. 19-MW biomass plant, with tentative plans to use the steam at greenhouses that will be built on the attached 99 acres. More here.


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