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Research into how LED lighting affects plant growth

December 14, 2012  By Brandi Cowen

The U.K.'s Stockbridge Technology Centre is testing how different types of LED lighting affect plants. (Courtesy of Stockbridge Technology Centre.)

A research facility for LED lighting in the United Kingdom is at the forefront of innovation, testing the growth of plants under a variety of mobile lighting racks.

The LED 4 Crops facility, located at the Stockbridge Technology Centre, is working with Philips Lighting to determine how well plants grow under an array of different conditions.



According to a report on the local news website This is Scunthorpe:


“… The impact of light on commercial horticulture goes beyond driving growth via photosynthesis. Specific wavelengths of light is capable of manipulating plant shape, colour of leaves and flowers, rooting, chemical composition and timing of flowering, as well as attracting pests out of crops and preventing disease spread.”

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