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Québec urban farm to use horizontal rotary growing technology

August 12, 2021  By Greenhouse Canada

Gigrow horizontal rotary system.

Gigrow Urban Farms is about to construct its first urban operation using horizontal rotary growing technology.

A new Québec company specializing in sustainable agriculture, they announced an investment of $13 million for the construction of its first urban farm this week.

Located in the Varennes industrial park, this initial 24,000-square-foot facility is said to become one of Québec’s largest urban agriculture projects.


Using their partner Gigrow’s Québec-developed technology based on horizontal rotary cultivation, Gigrow Urban Farms estimates they will produce up to four million heads of lettuce a year, in addition to other plants. The system reduces water use and produces a year-round, contaminant-free and consistent crop.

“Horizontal rotary cultivation is one of the most sustainable solutions for the future of agriculture,” says André Tremblay, president of Gigrow Urban Farms. “We are proud to offer a greener alternative with a carbon footprint as much as five times smaller than other farming methods! Our farms will be operated in a controlled environment that is available 365 days a year. This means we are not dependent on the seasons or the weather. This is a significant step towards Québec’s food autonomy!”

According to a company spokesperson, the technology can be stacked vertically on top of each other.It is one of the most efficient technologies by square footage of production,” shares the company. Durability was a key component to the decision. The estimated lifetime of the stainless steel system is 25 years minimum.

With this new infrastructure, Gigrow Urban Farms aims to help support efforts to achieve food self-sufficiency through consistent local production. This initial urban farm is a first milestone for the company, which aims to build three to four other similar facilities across Québec within the next five years.

The company is seeking to obtain organic certification for its crops in the near future.

“The City of Varennes wants to become a benchmark for sustainable development in Québec,” says Varennes Mayor Martin Damphousse. “We are very pleased to welcome a company like Gigrow Urban Farms, whose mission is perfectly in tune with our city’s values.”

Construction will start in the next few weeks and facilities should be in operation by March of 2022. They aim to reach full production by the last quarter of 2022.

Source: Gigrow Urban Farms



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