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Quarantine requirements clarified for B.C. temporary foreign workers

February 4, 2022  By Greenhouse Canada

For temporary foreign workers arriving in B.C. and intending on working in the province, the Western Labour Agriculture Initiative (WALI) has released updated information to clarify regulations around quarantine.

“As of February 1, 2022, all agricultural temporary foreign workers (TFWs) who do not qualify as fully vaccinated, as determined by Canadian Border Services (CBSA), must quarantine in the provincially managed accommodation for 14 days (this is the same process as last year).”

However, for agricultural TFWs who are fully vaccinated, their quarantine will depend on whether they received a day 1 test at Vancouver International Airport.


“All agricultural TFWs who are fully vaccinated and who receive a day 1 test upon arrival in Canada (at Vancouver or any other airport) must quarantine in the provincially managed accommodation until they receive a negative test result,” WALI states in a recent release dated Feb 3. “If agricultural TFWs arrive fully vaccinated and are NOT required to complete a day 1 test, they are able to travel directly to the farm. If employers are unable to arrange immediate transportation to the farm, the employee can stay in the provincial quarantine facility for one night with the cost paid for by the provincial government.”

According to the BC Ministry of Agriculture website, the province will fund hotel, food service and worker support costs during the quarantine period. “Employers are responsible for paying TFWs their wages for a minimum 30 hours per week” during this period, as well as “providing or arranging transportation from YVR to the government-managed accommodations, and from the hotel to the worksite or employer-provided housing after quarantine is completed.”

WALI also notes that there are COVID-19 Housing Inspection Changes in 2022.

“Starting in 2022, ONLY employers receiving workers who are not fully vaccinated must have their housing inspected for COVID-19 protocols before the workers arrive on farm. Farms receiving fully vaccinated workers are now exempt from this requirement.”

Employers receiving non-fully vaccinated employees are asked to register with the province as they did last year.

“Provincial inspection officers will schedule employer-provided housing inspections once unvaccinated and/or partially vaccinated TFWs have arrived in the quarantine program. Vaccination status and quarantine requirements are determined by CBSA.”

For details and up-to-date information, visit the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture website

Source: Western Labour Agriculture Initiative, BC Ministry of Agriculture

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