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Pure Flavor wins big with REACH awards

June 23, 2017
By Dave Harrison

June 23, 2017, Leamington, Ont. – Pure Flavor is back on the podium with some more big wins.

This time it’s celebrating its most recent awards from the 10th annual Greenhouse Vegetable Competitions hosted by REACH Int.

Pure Flavor was recognized for its delicious Gourmet Baby Cucumber, Roma tomato, Aurora Sweet Long Peppers, English Cucumbers, Beefsteak tomato, and cluster-on-the-vine tomato.

For the fourth year in a row, it took home honours for its fantastic snacking cucumbers. The tasty snacking cukes are also featured in Pure Flavor’s new Mini Munchies Vegetable Snacks for kids.


 “At Pure Flavor, we pride ourselves on delivering fresh, flavourful, great-tasting produce to the market. Year after year, these awards really help to confirm that we’re succeeding in doing so,” said president Jamie Moracci. “We know how strong the local competition is so we really are very excited about our first place wins in the Best Mini Cucumber and Best Roma Tomato.”

REACH International is a local charity that works towards building clinics and schools, drilling water wells, and sponsoring and caring for impoverished children and families in Uganda. “Knowing that all of the proceeds go towards such a great cause makes the event even better,” Moracci adds.

For those who want to learn more about REACH International or make a monetary donation to their cause, please visit

Pure Flavor continues to strive to bring new, sustainable products and packaging to the market for the ultimate customer experience. Its new Mini Munchies vegetable packs feature Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers, Aurora™ Bites Sweet Mini Peppers, and Juno® Bites Grape Tomatoes, all of which are perfect for any kids’ lunch or on-the-go snack!

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