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Produce and Plants? Is this the Future?

April 25, 2008  By John Stanley

Peas next to Petunias; this is what we can expect in the future garden
centre.  Well, they may not be located on the same shelf, but they
could be located in the same building.

18Is this the Future?

Peas next to Petunias; this is what we can expect in the future garden centre.  Well, they may not be located on the same shelf, but they could be located in the same building.


In recent years, one of the fastest growing retail sectors has been the farmers market.  This growth has been stimulated by the consumers desire to buy healthy produce from as near the source as possible, rather than from the supermarket.  Supermarkets have lost, and are currently losing, market share to retailers who are using fresh produce to provide a retail experience.

One of the earliest innovators of this trend was Stew Leonard, who opened his world famous store in Daneville, Connecticut over twenty years ago.

This style of produce retailing has proliferated and similar stores can now be found around Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and the USA.  But, what does this have to do with garden centres?

Dealing with Perishables

I believe two important criteria are affecting the evolution of garden centres and farmers markets.  The retailers in both these retail sectors have discovered they are attracting the same consumer who is looking for experience retailing.  The farmers market retailer can attract them in high volume once a week.  The garden retailer can normally attract them three to four times a year, but get them to linger longer.  The result of combining the two businesses is a powerful retail opportunity to grow a business.

Secondly, both retail sector’s core product is a perishable product.  In general retailing, many retailers are scared of perishable products.  If they get their retail offer wrong, the product dies rather than just gets dirty.  A retailer who can successfully manage living plants can also successfully manage produce such as fruit and vegetables, the other winning formula. 

Biodegradable Pots with Style
BioPot is the new and unique, environmentally friendly product to beautifully display flowers.  It is made primarily from organic fibrous wastes, such as straw and rice husks.  BioPot is biodegradable leaving no harmful environmental effects into landfill.  The manufacturing process helps to reduce the greenhouse effect and preserve the environment for future generations.  The elegant design is available in a variety of colours, and can be customized to your shape colour requirements.  For information, visit or call (416) 385-8872.

Aroma Enhancers – Start Smelling the Roses Again
Wake up and REALLY smell the roses. Temkin International, Inc. introduces USENSE: Aroma Enhancers as a brand-new add-on to any floral bouquet or potted plant. Turn up the aroma intensity with the hardly-visible scented willow or elegant potpourri-filled sachet.

The scented willows are available in a variety of fragrances including citrus, cinnamon, lavender, vanilla, rose, and spruce, while the potpourri sachet is offered in silver and gold. 
Aroma Enhancers’ unique design will fit into any size arrangement or plant. The fragrance will outlast the life of the flowers, making the potpourri sachet completely reusable. Toss it in the car, bureau drawer, or use it to perk up any area of the home or office. 

For more information, call Temkin at (888) 233-6713 or visit

Plant Prop Keeps Plants And Trees Straight
Straightening crooked and leaning potted plants and trees is now a simple and easy task with the new and unique Plant Prop.  It is also ideal for lifting sagging limbs.

 The Plant Prop is a heavy-duty plastic anchor designed to fit most pot styles and sizes and, since it is transparent, it will not detract from the beauty of the plant or container.  A six-foot length of twine and a plastic plant/tree trunk protector are included. For more information, visit 

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