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Pro growing kits for indoor gardeners

June 5, 2015  By Dave Harrison

June 5, 2015 — OASIS® Grower Solutions has introduced its latest product line, Origins Indoor Gardening, a new series of propagation kits for the home-grower.

Origins growing media kits include the popular OASIS Rootcube® product, relied on by professional growers for years, for better yields, more consistent growth and healthier plants.

Origins inert media features a unique star dibble, making it easy to use for both seeding and cloning. Clones make secure and positive contact for best rooting results. The new retail line is attactively packaged for eye-catching in-store display and promotes three key benefits to improve yields:


(1) Origins media is pH balanced. The media does not interfere with a grower’snutrient regimen, achieving better up-take of nutrients, all without needing to buffer or pretreat.

(2) Ideal air to water ratio. The media is designed for excellent air/water balance to eliminate the risk of over-watering.

(3) Consistent results. The consistency and reliability of Originsmeans all plants and roots achieve the same vigorous growth.

OASIS® uses the same formulations in itspopular Rootcube® product for the Origins series because science has shown it effectively delivers nutrients across the entire root structure, and encourages vigorous root development. New Turbo-Wedge strips are engineered to promote even faster root development through the unique wedge-shaped plug, which also makes it easier to separate roots at transplant.

All the products are attractively and securely packaged to stand-out on retail shelves while being protected from in-store damage. The selection of Origins kits will appeal to all growers, from the novice to the master. Kits include: Double Box tray refills for either 1 ½” cubes and 1 ¼” cubes; Turbo-Wedge Kit for Clones; Turbo-Wedge Replacement Strips; and Starter Kit for Seeds and Clones.

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