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Plans for cannabis hybrid greenhouse in Ottawa

May 7, 2018  By Greenhouse Canada

Burnstown Farms Cannabis Company Ltd. has their eye on a 225-acre property in Ottawa Valley and they’re looking to raise up to $2.88 million for its purchase.

Planned primarily for outdoor organic production, the company expects to use 60 acres for outdoor cultivation with 5 acres for growth in a hybrid greenhouse.

“The organic cannabis we will produce outdoors will initially be exclusively for oil production. We will be exploring the possibility and feasibility of eventually offering dried flower produced outdoors with our R&D department,” says Mark Spear, founder and CEO of Burnstown Farms Cannabis Company. “The cannabis we will produce in the greenhouse will primarily be for organic dried flower.”


Regulations around outdoor production of cannabis have not yet been approved by Health Canada, but the company is expecting to save substantial costs by growing primarily outdoors. In the event that outdoor production is not approved, they may focus on greenhouse production.

So what exactly is a hybrid greenhouse? “By hybrid greenhouse we are referring to a structure with steel clad structural insulated panels for walls and a glass roof,” Spear says. “This allows for more energy-efficient year-round production while allowing us to induce flowering in any season by using light deprivation techniques.”

Currently at the pre-license stage, Burnstown Farms expects to start production late next year once their application is approved.

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