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Petit Brûlé selects Sollum’s LED grow lights for Vermax glasshouse

Thanks to Sollum's multi-zone light management capabilities, multiple light recipes will be applied simultaneously to optimize the lighting of each individual crop. 

February 1, 2023  By Sollum Technologies

From left to right: David Théorêt and Marie-Pierre Gauthier, Co-owners – Petit Brûlé, Kassim Tremblay, VP of Business Development – Sollum and Maxime Lamontagne, Project Manager – Petit Brûlé. (Source: Sollum Technologies)

Petit Brûlé has chosen Sollum’s smart LED grow lights for their flexibility and potential to adapt to their development goals. The farm will be installing Sollum’s dynamic LED grow lights in a Vermax glasshouse ― the first in Québec.  Petit Brûlé will be cultivating crops such as lettuce, tomato, pepper and cucumber in the same greenhouse.

Located in Rigaud, Québec, Petit Brûlé aims to limit its impact on the environment by promoting sustainable farming and livestock techniques, as well as food and energy self-sufficiency. The ecological farm offers produce to local consumers and provides weekly baskets of fruits and vegetables to their community-supported agriculture (CSA) members.

“Our ability to manage multiple lighting zones simultaneously is essential for businesses such as Petit Brûlé”, says Sollum’s vice president of business development Kassim Tremblay. “Sollum’s dynamic lighting delivers the precise light spectrum and intensity required by each variety of plant. This leads to optimal growth and quality, and reduced energy costs. In addition, the platform’s data collection enables the monitoring and automation of the lighting, which ensures consistent product quality.”


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