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Pesticide ban: tell us what you think

April 29, 2008  By Amanda Ryder


Pesticide ban: tell us what you think
The issue of pesticide use is abuzz in the gardening world, as Ontario moves to ban cosmetic pesticide use and big box retailers announce they will pull chemicals from shelves. So, what do you think about the pesticide ban? How will it affect your centre?

26.jpgFor years, municipalities across Canada have been wrestling with the issue of pesticide bans. In 2006, Quebec was the first province to step forward and prohibit the cosmetic use of pesticides on residential lawns, gardens and parks and the sale of 20 active pesticide ingredients found in lawn-care products.


Most recently, on Earth Day, Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty announced that the province is working to ban the sale of 80 chemicals found in 300 pesticide products for cosmetic use on lawns and gardens. The ban will likely go into effect in 2009.

Several big box retailers have since followed suit and announced that they will voluntarily pull pesticides and herbicides from their shelves by the end of the year.

So, what do you think about the pesticide ban? Have your customers been requesting more environmentally-friendly alternatives? How will the ban affect your centre? And for centres located outside of Ontario and Quebec, do you plan to make any changes to your selection of pesticides?

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