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Perovskia ‘Blue Steel’ (click for more information)

May 26, 2017
By Dave Harrison


March/April 2017 – A perennial first: now growers can produce high-quality, affordable Perovskia atriplicifolia from professional-grade seed. With higher and much more uniform germination, top-notch plugs are easy and efficient to grow as a late-spring/summer crop or in fall for overwintering production.

‘Blue Steel’ extends your sales, combining the best summer-blooming lavender-blue colour with outstanding late-season garden performance. As a cost-efficient seed, ‘Blue Steel’ is affordable to use multiple plugs in each pot that finishes with huge retail appeal. It does well in the sun, and grows to 18-36″ (46-91 cm) with a spread of 14-28″ (36-71 cm).


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