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Pantone’s fall colour report

February 18, 2013  By Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery

pantone_fall_colours_-_womenFeb. 18, 2013, Carlstadt, NJ — Fall’s hottest colours come together to
create moods that range from sophisticated and structured to lively and
vivid, reports Pantone.

According to the Pantone Fashion Colour Report Fall 2013, the top colours for men’s and women’s fashion this fall will be:

Men's Fashion
Women's Fashion
  •  Deep Lichen Green
  • Emerald
  •  Mykonos Blue
  •  Mykonos Blue
  •  Carafe
  •  Linden Green
  •  Acai
  •  Acai
  •  Samba
  •  Samba
  •  Emerald
  •  Koi
  •  Linden Green
  •  Deep Lichen Green
  •  Beaujolais
  •  Vivacious
  •  Turbulence
  •  Turbulence
  •  Koi
  •  Carafe

greens from spring evolve and develop for fall. Multifaceted Emerald
continues to sparkle and fascinate, bringing luxury and elegance to the
palette, while yellow-toned Linden Green brings a lightness and
brightness to the deeper shades of fall. Paired with Mykonos Blue, they
create a classic and relaxed fall look.


Exotic Acai adds mystery
and richness to the palette and can be incorporated with the other
colours for powerful combinations. With Emerald, it creates a regal
look. With spirited Samba, the result is dramatic. Koi, a decorative
orange with dazzling and shimmering qualities, serves as a pick-me-up in
the palette.

Rounding out the season’s cornerstone colours are
Turbulence (a dark, mercurial gray), and Carafe (a rich, glamorous
brown). Both provide sophisticated alternatives to basic black and pair
with more expressive colours in the palette.

The Pantone Fashion
Colour Report Fall 2013 offers a comprehensive overview of designers’
use of colour in their upcoming collections. The report is released on
the first day of New York Fashion Week and features the top 10 colours
for women’s and men’s fall fashions.

Click here to download your free copy of the report.

 Pantone's colour palettes for both men's (above) and women's (below) fall fashions feature bold, rich colours.

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