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Pagoda, planters and more from Mudder Earth Works

February 15, 2013  By Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery

pagodaFeb. 15, 2013 — Mudder Earth products are made from hypertufa, which is relatively light compared to concrete or granite, yet strong enough to withstand the freeze thaw cycle of winter temperatures.​

Using a concrete mixer, inputs of coco peat, peat moss, perlite, portland cement and Squamish rainwater are blended and then hand-packed into planter, fountain, pagoda and other garden decor molds. After 24 to 48 hours, the products are removed from the molds and hand-scraped. This process ensures that each piece is unique — the inputs never settle in the same place twice and the scraping produces a different effect each time. Sanding occurs after the product has dried to produce a smooth "granite" look. ​

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