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P.L. Light Systems introduces TriPlane LED luminaire

March 16, 2022  By P.L. Light Systems

(Photo by P.L. Light Systems)

P.L. Light Systems has introduced the new TriPlane LED luminaire.

Designed for flexibility, the TriPlane’s LED modules can be adjusted independently in precise increments in either direction—allowing for customized light distribution, depending on the application.

The TriPlane is available in two spectral recipes, which can be used in standalone LED applications, or in combination with HID luminaires for hybrid applications. The standard horticultural power connector and mounting brackets allow for plug-and-play retrofit of existing HID lighting installations.


The TriPlane is thermally and mechanically engineered for optimal thermal management, which maximizes the lifetime of the luminaire by reducing heat stress on the plants and lowering HVAC loads. The integrated fins on the top of the aluminum LED modules are engineered to dissipate heat through conduction for passive thermal management.

TriPlane luminaire can also be daisy-chained to save on wiring and installation costs in both new and retrofit applications, while the specially designed mounting brackets allow for quick and secure mounting of the luminaires on both track and truss systems. Remote dimming allows for seamless integration with compatible control systems–enabling exceptional control of light levels and energy consumption.

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