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Ottawa earmarks $750M to bring rural internet up-to-speed

November 12, 2020  By Greenhouse Canada

Ottawa announced a $750 million investment for the Universal Broadband Fund, which includes a $600 million agreement to improve connectivity and expand high-speed Internet coverage to the far north, rural, and remote regions across Canada.

“With COVID-19 pushing many services to only be available online, rural broadband is a problem that can no longer be ignored. Not only is this technology crucial for modern business, it is essential to attracting the next generation of farmers who see high-speed connectivity as an essential service for every day life,” said Mary Robinson, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. “The more quickly this coverage is implemented, the faster Canadian farmers can adopt new technologies that can help unleash the real potential of Canadian agriculture. This potential has been identified by the federal government in the Barton Report and leading financial institutions like the Royal Bank of Canada. With these kinds of programs and the proper support, Canadian agriculture can be a powerful economic engine for Canada’s recovery.”

This is in addition to the $1 billion announced in the 2019 budget for the same purpose.


$150 million from the fund will be available immediately for projects.

The Universal Broadband Fund is predicted to provide 98 per cent high-speed internet coverage by 2026, and 100 per cent by 2030.

CFA stated it will work closely with the government to ensure that these projects are implemented as quickly as possible to enable farmers’ access to high-speed internet across the country.

Source: Canadian Federation of Agriculture

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