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Nova fungicide approved for greenhouse eggplant

September 18, 2019  By Greenhouse Canada

Nova fungicide by Dow AgroSciences has been approved for use against powdery mildew in greenhouse eggplant in Canada. 

Announced by the PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency), application of the Group 3 fungicide may begin as soon as possible after initial infection by Leveillula taurica or Oidium neolycopersici. The approved product rate is 340 g/ha, applied at least three days before harvest with a maximum of one application per crop cycle. It can also be applied as a foliar spray in a maximum spray volume of of 1000 L water/ha.

Other previously approved greenhouse crops include peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, potted roses, gerbera, aster, chrysanthemums, geraniums and poinsettias.


As OMAFRA minor use coordinator Jim Chaput cautions, “Nova Fungicide is toxic to birds, small wild mammals, aquatic organisms and non-target terrestrial plants. The use of this chemical may result in contamination of groundwater particularly in areas where soils are permeable (i.e. sandy soil) and/or the depth to the water table is shallow. Do not contaminate aquatic habitats when spraying or when cleaning and rinsing spray equipment or containers.”

Always consult the label before use. Check the PMRA label resource here

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