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Niagara Pack Trial ’08

February 7, 2008  By Laurie Scullin COPF

Feb. 07, 2008, Niagara — The second annual COPF Pack Trial returns June 25th and 26th in the Niagara area of Ontario. The world’s pre-eminent flower breeders will be showcasing their new 2009 products and important other genetics.


Niagara Pack Trial
— June 25-26, 2008,
in the Niagara area of Ontario.


Breeding company invitation
– All Flower Breeders


The world’s pre-eminent Flower Breeders will be showcasing their new 2009 products and important other genetics. Attendees will include
growers from throughout the U.S. and Canada. (Yes, we will also invite brokers, retailers and trade journalists!) The main goal is to answer the question of why there is no pack trial in a central location at a time of the year when more growers can get away.

Greenhouse-grown, retail ready plants grown in commercial
containers will be showcased. Featured will be introductions growers
would expect to ship in the spring of 2009. This event will bring the essence of
the California Pack Trials to a location and time of year when the
growers can focus on next year’s crop.

There will be many trial sites all within a 30-minute drive of one another in the Niagara region of Ontario. With all locations within about 60 minutes
from Buffalo airport or Toronto airports, growers will easily be able to
meet with the top breeders and see the new varieties over a one or two day
For vegetative breeders, we suggest the trials take place with your
Niagara young plant producer.For seed breeders needing a display location, COPF is arranging for local greenhouses to have space available to grow and display smaller versions of what is grown in CA.

  June 25-26 2008
           June 25-26 2009

How much does this all cost?
There is no cost to attend for growers or
retailers. COPF will not charge breeders or young plant growers to
participate.  PR and promotion activities will be organized by COPF. 
COPF will be looking for a limited number of sponsors to help defer promotion and setup costs. Breeders who wish to have their plant material grown by a local greenhouse will be able to contract grow and pay the growers directly. 

Key Date and Information:

• Please get form back to coordinator Laurie Scullin no later than Feb 15th. This will spare you endless spam e-mails from yours truly.
• If you need any help finding a location to exhibit – please call me,
a number of locations may be able to help.
• We have a number of vegetative companies all geared up to
make this an important event, we are hoping some of the major
seed companies join us as well to help showcase new 2009 items
to buyers.
• We are aware there is no good time of year to do this and there
are too many events all summer. The idea is we are early enough
to impact decisions of both retailers and growers, and that over
time all the events will find their own space.  
• No – we are not expecting a complete replica of California pack
trials – that would be too expensive and likely bury us all with work.
.  But we have the idea that a new products ‘bench’ or display
area coupled with your key selling messages on top issues would
be possible.
• Yes – there are no charges for any of our help, we are just trying
to better connect growers to new plants according to our COPF

For more information, visit:


If you're interested, please fill out the attached form: click here to download.


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