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November 2, 2015
FEATURED NEWS: Continued growth in Alberta industry
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Helping retailers sell more “Year Of…” plants

When it comes to consumers, garden centers and grower-retailers are focused on their ABCs – and Ds! In 2016 it’s all about the alliums, beauty in begonias, cheering for the carrot and defending the delphinium. >> Read full article

Depression going untreated

More than half of all workers who reported symptoms of depression did not perceive a need for treatment, according to a new study from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. >> Read full article

Video: Understanding Microbials in Greenhouse Production

"Understanding Microbials in Greenhouse Production" was the Greenhouse Canada Grower Day 2015 presentation by Dr. Anissa Poleatewich of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. >> Read full article

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Ball - Gerbera

Revolution Collection Gerbera

Gerbera Revolution™ is the Perfect House Guest… Always on time to fit your schedule! Growers and retailers love Revolution Collection pot gerberas for their incredibly uniform timing, and consumers love the way they complement every décor. Fully programmable crops let you pick, pack and ship to hit your schedule. Make yourself at home at to see all the sizes, varieties and mixes available.

Contact your preferred distributor to order Revolution Collection Gerbera seed and plugs. >> Learn More

 Featured News 
Feature News

Continued growth in Alberta industry

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) has released the 2014 Alberta Greenhouse Profile Report. >> Learn More…

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NEW PRO-MIX CC40 - high porosity, chuck coir

With PRO-MIX CC40, discover a new generation of coir growing media. The unique structure of the coir found in CC40 provides an optimized growing environment for plants such as long-term crops, especially under drought conditions. The well-designed air porosity and water retention qualities provided by this peat/coir-based medium give growers the opportunity to react efficiently to a more hostile environment at the same time as balancing financial requirements and productivity. >> Learn More

 Event Calendar 

Alberta Green Industry Show

November 19-20, 2015
Location: Calgary >> More Info