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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events July 22, 2014
Two major announcements during Cultivate14
A pair of major announcements feature prominently in our concluding coverage of Cultivate14, formerly the Ohio Short Course.
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VIDEO: The latest on poinsettia production with Gary Vollmer
Our interview with Gary Vollmer of Ball Floraplant at Grower Day 2014. One of a series of video interviews.
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CURRENT ISSUE: Major threat of poinsettia
Ontario research is expected to improve control of Q biotype of whitefly.
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Working with a young super achiever?
Do you work with an outstanding young person, either as an employee, employer, colleague or customer, someone you know will contribute a lot to the success of your company and to the industry in general? Nominate them today!
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N.B. latest province to adopt National Organic Rules
Add New Brunswick to the list of provinces that have adopted Canada's national organic regime.
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