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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events May 27, 2014
Grower Day topic will help make sense of your dollars
Next month’s Greenhouse Canada Grower Day speaker program has been finalized, with “farm finances” among the themes.
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Growing interest in our Top 10 Under 40
Nominations sought to recognize tomorrow’s industry leaders.
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Nutrient Deficiencies in Bedding Plants

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CURRENT ISSUE: Creating a brand
Leading edge growing needs some innovative marketing. Meet Savoura’s Marie Gosselin.
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Major medical marijuana facility planned in Ontario
Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. has purchased a 342,000-square-foot greenhouse facility and is awaiting regulatory approvals for the project.
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Plant hormone’s dual role in flower formation
A plant hormone once believed to promote flower formation in annual plants also plays a role in inhibiting flowers from forming.
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