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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events February 24, 2014
Growing petunias? Take time to check for TMV
Watch for symptoms of TMV in your petunia crops! Symptoms of TMV include leaf mottle, leaf distortion, vein clearing, stunt and flower break.
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VIDEO: Ohio State University Trial Gardens
Delegates to last year’s Ohio Short Course in Columbus had the chance to view the spacious Ohio State University Trial Gardens. Leading our tour was trials manager Lindsay Pangborn. Included were field, container, shade and hanging basket trials. Some 650 cultivars from 24 companies were featured.
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Bio Control Annex Bookstore
Biocontrol in Protected Culture

A myriad of reasons exist for employing biological controls: ever changing government regulations, costs of chemicals and applications, pests developing resistance to chemical classes, and public relations benefits of growing "environmentally friendly" products.

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Greenhouse sector has rep on CanadaGAP board
At the first annual general meeting of members, CanadaGAP program participants elected a new board of directors.
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CURRENT ISSUE: Setting up shop for strong spring season
Spring is a season of fresh starts in the garden centre as well as in the garden. To help you start the new gardening season off right in your store, we spoke with Judy Sharpton, owner of Growing Places Marketing and an expert in garden centre design, development, renovation and branding.
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Importance of IPM in reducing ag’s environmental impact
By 2023 all EU member states must be complying with more stringent guidelines related to Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
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