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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events January 27, 2014
Have you completed our grower survey? There’s still time!
Our third annual Grower Survey is in its final week. Those completing it not only help us create a snapshot of the 2013 growing season … they also have a chance of winning an electronic tablet!
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Greenhouse robotics a win-win situation
While there are unique challenges to setting robots loose in a greenhouse, there are also significant advantages to be had.
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'Show me the money!' Cost-savings with FCO membership me the money!
The first-ever Member Savings’ Symposium of Flowers Canada (Ontario) drew more than 50 growers.
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SAWP has win-win tradition with growers, employees
Nearly half a century after it was first launched, the seasonal labour program at the root of Ontario’s fruit and vegetable industry continues to reap benefits for growers, workers and participating countries.
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This professional horticulture reference, which has been in print continuously since 1932, is fully revised and updated in this new edition. Both volumes are available at the Annex Bookstore, including: Volume 1 - Greenhouses & Equipment, and Volume 2 - Crop Production!

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Specialty greens pack a nutritional punch
"Microgreens" is a marketing term used to describe edible greens that germinate from the seeds of vegetables and herbs and are harvested without roots at the seedling stage.
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CanadaGAP Food Safety manuals updated
Updated versions of the CanadaGAP Food Safety Manuals have now been released, including the “greenhouse” report.
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