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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events January 14, 2014
Year End Review
As we ease into the new year, we thought it timely to sample a few highlights from our e-newsletter archives of 2013. In February of last year, for example, new federal funding to help Ontario’s fruit, flower and vegetable growers benefit from new technology and marketing strategies was announced.
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New federal funding
In February, new federal funding to help Ontario’s fruit, flower and vegetable growers benefit from new technology and marketing strategies was announced.
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National business awards
A pair of Leamington area companies did quite well in being named among Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies last winter. JemD Farms – home to Red Sun and Golden Sun greenhouse grown-vegetable brands – made the list last year…
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National business awards
…while Mastronardi/SUNSET® achieved a Gold Standard ranking for having made the list for the fourth consecutive year.
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Leading edge technology
In mid-winter, we reported how a Niagara College grad was helping lead a major sustainability project in food production.
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Rising to meet the challenge
Phoenix Perennials in B.C. is not shy with its gardening promotion efforts. It was selected the winner in the category of “Growing Gardeners” at the Chrysler Garden Centre of the Year Awards for their efforts in 2012.
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Three ‘must-haves’ for every grower
After a summer of active voting, it was time to announce the 2013 American Garden Award Winners.
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Vegetable research given major boost
Ontario greenhouse vegetable research received a major shot in the arm with an announcement made during last fall’s Canadian Greenhouse Conference. It was very good news indeed!
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What’s stopping people from buying flowers?
In September, the Floral Marketing Research Fund (FMRF) released results from a study that provides new data about the barriers to and motivations for purchasing flowers.
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Locally grown commitment
Ontario greenhouse tomatoes were added to Hero Certified Burgers’ portfolio of toppings. Working in partnership with the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG), Hero Certified Burgers began a process to source an Ontario greenhouse tomato that could meet their needs.
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Key to keeping your greenhouse staff
Almost 90 per cent of Canadian greenhouse owners and managers rate staff recruiting and retention as the key issue facing their operations. In a September 2013 survey conducted by Greenhouse Canada, human resources rated second only to finding and keeping markets, and only by the tiniest of margins (89 and 92 per cent respectively).
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Ontario growers welcoming CHP support
In early December, the Ontario government announcement a new combined heat and power (CHP) program targeting greenhouse operations, agrifood and district energy.
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Remembering a true innovator
The year ended on a sad note as funeral services were held for Leamington greenhouse grower and alternative fuels innovator Dean Tiessen. Mr. Tiessen, 46, president of New Energy Farms, had been on a business trip in Brazil earlier in the month with a colleague. The two were driving along a highway when they came upon an attempted cargo robbery. The robbery suspects ordered the pair out of their rental car, but for reasons still unknown, shot Mr. Tiessen.
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