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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events November 19, 2013
Alberta a world leader in two hort specialties
Alberta is quickly establishing itself as a world leader in two areas of future industry growth.
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Key to keeping your greenhouse staff Key to keeping your greenhouse staff
Almost 90 per cent of Canadian greenhouse owners rate recruiting and retention as the key issue facing their operations. There are solutions other than increasing wages.
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Leading edge aquaponics research showcased
About two dozen delegates attending an aquaponics workshop in Alberta enjoyed an afternoon tour of leading edge research being conducted in the province.
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Biocontrols, aphids and mildews among PAS talks
Biocontrol strategies, aphid threats and mildew challenges are the major themes being tackled during a half-day ornamentals program at the Pacific Agriculture Show early next year. It’s being coordinated by Flowers Canada Growers.
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SR&ED in the greenhouse
You may not know it, but you might already be conducting eligible work.
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