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Greenhouse Canada
More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events August 13, 2013
FCO stepping up government liaison efforts
Industry veteran Rej Picard has joined the Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc. team in the newly created role of policy advisor.
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Major garden trials open house on Friday
Two major Ontario trial gardens will be showcased this Friday (Aug. 16) featuring plant material from 21 leading breeders.
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Here’s help selecting next year’s garden winners
Beginning the selection process for next year’s garden winners? An open house on Aug. 21 at the Vineland Research and Innovation can help.
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Certified Greenhouse Farmers expands into Mexico
Certified Greenhouse Farmers approved four new grower members from Mexico at their board meeting earlier this month.
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Slowdown in issuing work visas is hurting hort
Striking foreign service workers are causing significant disruption to the Canadian horticulture industry.
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