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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events July 11, 2013
New portal for high-tech horticulture and floriculture
The Dutch Agricultural Counselor’s office here has debuted a new portal,, designed to help interested parties make connections in the world of high-tech horticulture and floriculture.
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2014: The 'Year' of Petunias and Echinacea
Those growing or retailing petunias and/or echinacea should be a little busier next year.
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Teeing off for research
It was a great day for fundraising during the 41st annual Flowers Canada Ontario/Cecil Delworth Foundation Golf Tournament.
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The backbone of B.C.’s local food movement?
Farmers’ markets contribute significantly to the local economy, injecting nearly $170 million annually, according to a recent social and economic benefits study by the B.C. Association of Farmers’ Markets (BCAFM) and Dr. David Connell of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC).
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