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Energy Edge
More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management May 23, 2013
Biogas Biogas gains momentum
In recent years, biogas has been slowly gaining recognition as a renewable resource that can contribute to addressing current and future energy needs across Canada. In our June Energy Edge feature, Jan M. Buijk looks at where the Canadian biogas market is headed.
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Insulated Glass Insulated glass minimizes shadow
Syngenta’s new Advanced Crop Lab houses 30 climate-controlled growth environments in all-glass greenhouses and insulated glass walls that provide a nearly shadowless indoor environment.
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Mucci Mucci’s greenERhouse growing plan
For Mucci Farms, the issues facing greenhouse growers are connected. Rising transportation costs, increasing competition and the need to more efficiently utilize resources can be addressed with a comprehensive marketing and sustainable growth plan.
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Urban Farming A rosy future for urban farming?
The future of vertical farming may lie not in soaring urban skyscrapers lit by the sun, but in large suburban warehouses awash in pink LED light, according to Purdue University's Cary Mitchell.
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