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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management May 16, 2013
Greenhouse film Greenhouse film shifts light spectrum
PhotoFuel's P-Film greenhouse cover has growers thinking pink. The cover is designed to shift the wavelengths of light entering the greenhouse, giving plants more light from the portion of the spectrum they need to thrive.
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LEDS LEDs improve crop yield
When Barnes Greenhouses' vernalized perennials began displaying weak stems, extended internode length and lack of colour after transplant, the solution was straightforward: the plants needed more light.
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BC's geothermal B.C.’s geothermal potential
A horseshoe-shaped region of active and dormant volcanoes stretching along the Pacific Ocean gives B.C. an abundance of geothermal energy that the province hasn't yet harnessed to its full potential, according to federal scientists and lobby groups.
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Natural Gas Ontario’s natural gas infrastructure
Ontario farmers who don't have access to natural gas on the farm want the infrastructure in place to make it happen, a recent survey conducted by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) reported.
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