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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management April 19, 2013
Ventilation Vertical venting
Growers looking to increase their crop yields and lower their energy consumption could realize 10 to 15 per cent energy savings by introducing vertical venting in their operations, according to Nivola's Henk de Groot.
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GroDome Energy-efficient GroDome
The University of Warwick's new phytobiology building in the United Kingdom is an ultra-modern controlled-environment greenhouse facility designed for efficiency and flexibility.
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Electricity producing greenhouse Electricity-producing greenhouse
An economic survey of the Netherlands' greenhouse industry has found that generating heat and electricity from solar energy rather than natural gas is not economically feasible at present.
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Biomass Fuels Biomass fuels greenhouses fast
Ontario growers using coal to heat their greenhouses now have an alternate fuel option that is clean, efficient, readily accessible and locally produced. Bio-pellets produced along the province's 401 corridor ensure same day and next day deliveries when growers need them.
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