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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management April 12, 2013
Growing Forward Growing Forward 2
Last week the federal government along with the province announced the start of Growing Forward 2, a multi-million dollar, five-year agreement to help Canada’s agri-food industry grow profits, expand its markets and manage risk.
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Plants What light do plants want?
Researchers at Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology are working on a unique method to measure how much and what type of light plants want. Their findings could help growers reduce energy waste and produce healthier plants.
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Energy Independence Achieving energy independence
Mor Gro Farms is hoping that a switch to biomass gasification and solar power will help its Leamington, Ont., operation achieve energy independence by May.
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BC Carbon Tax B.C. carbon tax relief
The B.C. government is introducing a new, permanent grant program to help offset carbon tax costs for commercial greenhouse growers. The 2013 grant program covers commercial greenhouse sectors including vegetable and floriculture growers, wholesale production and forest seedling nurseries.
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