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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management April 5, 2013
Pro-solar system Intelligent 'pro-solar' system
A Netherlands-based company has developed an innovative elastic, warp-knit textile for use in an intelligent system that balances sunlight, shade, temperature and humidity inside a greenhouse.
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Virtual Renewable Power Plant Virtual renewable power plant
A new research project shows it’s possible to provide power using renewable energies without increased risk of a blackout.
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LumiGrow LumiGrow rebate offer
LumiGrow’s Cash for Clunkers program offers commercial growers a $150 rebate for each high intensity discharge greenhouse light fixture they replace with one of the company’s LED luminaires.
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BC Carbon Tax B.C. carbon tax
Growers in British Columbia could see a five-year carbon tax freeze if the province’s Liberal party is re-elected on May 14.
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