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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management March 28, 2013
Biomass efficiency Biomass efficiency study
A new research project will explore how the carbon footprint of a greenhouse heated with biomass compares to that of a greenhouse heated with fuel oil.
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Greenhouse Students grow in sustainable solar greenhouse
Assiniboine Community College's sustainable greenhouse will officially open with a ribbon-cutting ceremony today, almost a year after the sod-turning ceremony that launched the project.
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Low quality produce Low quality produce to heat greenhouse
Provalor has been granted a 200,000 euro subsidy to fund a new biomass plant in the Netherlands, allowing the company to convert its own biomass into energy for its glasshouse.
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Patent for intelligent Patent for intelligent illumination system
Nano Labs Corp. has been issued a provisional patent number for its intelligent illumination greenhouse system, which works with commercial LEDs to reduce energy consumption and improve plant growth.
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