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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events February 25, 2013
Jiffy to open N. American manufacturing centre
Jiffy Products of America is constructing a new state-of-the-art soil manufacturing facility here, producing differentiated soil mixes using peat moss from Canada and Europe, and coir from Jiffy Sri-Lanka.
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Dümmen and Agribio Group plan to merge
Breeding and young plant production companies Dümmen and Agribio Group have announced plans to merge.
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Flower, veg research focus of new federal funding
New federal funding will help Ontario’s fruit, flower and vegetable growers benefit from new technology and marketing strategies.
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Conference offers latest news on wood pellet heating
The final agenda and slate of speakers have been set for next week's Canadian Wood Pellet Heating Conference, and includes speakers on agricultural applications, heating appliances, sustainability, case studies, markets and more.
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Seeking your input
Visit our "polling" centre and weigh in on: sales forecasts for 2013; whether you follow "twitter"; and whether your greenhouse has an Internet presence or not.
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