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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management January 18, 2013
Lisa Brodeur Wood pellet heating conference
Growers and suppliers considering wood pellet heating systems can take advantage of one-stop shopping – and learn from a host of industry experts – at an upcoming three-day conference.
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Nano Labs Corp. Crop timing software
A new piece of free software helps greenhouse growers estimate the effects of changing air temperatures on flowering time for crops.
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Lisa IESO integrating renewable tech
As Ontario continues to increase its use of renewable sources of energy in the electrical market, it has become increasingly necessary for storage and demand response technologies to fill in some of the gaps for regulation service.
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Life Support nursery system Life support nursery system
An eight-acre site that includes more than 15 gutter-connected greenhouses needed to find a better way to control the climate while reducing its electricity, heating use and expenses. The answer to this energy conundrum came in the form of an environmental control system that could adapt to the up to 1,000 different varieties under cultivation at any given time.
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