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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management December 14, 2012
LED lighting LED lighting research
A research facility for LED lighting in the United Kingdom is at the forefront of innovation, testing the growth of plants under a variety of mobile lighting racks.
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liquified natural gas Liquefied natural gas markets
Short-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) deliveries have been a big part of the global natural gas market in the past two years. This week, 360 Energy’s Lisa Brodeur explores how LNG contracts are changing, and what these changes could mean in the long run.
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double layer retractable roof Double layer retractable roof
Turkish vegetable seed producer Hasel Tarim recently completed construction on a 7,200 square metre retractable roof A-Frame rafter greenhouse. Visit Energy Edge to learn more.
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Seawater cooled greenhouse crops Seawater cooled greenhouse crops
The Sahara Forest Project's seawater cooled pilot greenhouse project in Qatar has already yielded 23 tonnes of cucumbers in just two weeks.
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