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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management November 30, 2012
Utility credit requirements Utility credit requirements
A topic that is very rarely discussed but should be considered with any existing business or new build, is the impact your utility contracts will have on your business. This week, Lisa Brodeur offers tips for satisfying a utility provider’s credit requirements.
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Solar thermal prototype Solar thermal prototype
A prototype solar thermal greenhouse could allow growers in cold climates to harness the power of the sun to produce fresh vegetables year-round.
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Research greenhouse focuses on efficiency Research greenhouse focuses on efficiency
The price tag attached to North Dakota State University’s $33 million research greenhouse complex may raise eyebrows, but this is no ordinary greenhouse. Learn more about how energy efficient technologies work together to reduce the facility’s energy needs.
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Tomato grower Tomato grower to try CHP
A waste management company in the United Kingdom is hoping a £185 million waste incinerator will help local farmers grow greenhouse tomatoes and avoid the pitfalls that have hampered some of the country’s other combined heat and power projects in the past.
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