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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management November 23, 2012
Wavelength grow lights Targeted wavelength grow lights
Researchers have published new findings on a nanophosphor-based light source for agricultural growers. Find out more about this energy saving bright idea.
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Conveyor system Conveyor belt system for rooftop greenhouse
A rooftop greenhouse is testing a $2 million conveyor belt system designed to maximize the use of natural light in the production of leafy vegetables and herbs. Visit Energy Edge to find out how this system is transforming a downtown Vancouver parking garage.
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Biomass burner Multiple feedstock biomass burner
Southshore Greenhouses Inc. meets approximately 60 per cent of its energy needs by burning municipal waste pellets in a multiple feedstock biomass burner. Owner Bert Mucci explains how the technology fits into the company's long-term strategy.
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Plant-powered Plant-powered fuel cell
A Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell that can generate electricity from the natural interaction between living plant roots and soil bacteria may provide a new source of clean energy. Discover how this truly green power source works.
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