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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management November 9, 2012
Biogas Zero waste vertical farm
A former meatpacking facility is poised to become Chicago’s first net zero waste vertical farm and food business. Discover how a biogas digester will help the project fuel change in the neighbourhood.
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Bioreactor Revolving photobioreactor installation
A revolving photobioreactor created by an Iowa State University graduate student will help supply researchers with at least 50 kilograms of dried algal biomass a year. Read on to find out more about the new 720-square-foot facility that will house this equipment.
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Sourcing Sourcing incentive funds
Before launching your next energy saving project, be sure to explore all the potential incentives it may qualify for. This week, Energy Edge contributor Lisa Brodeur offers some advice on funding sources to help you get your next big idea off the ground.
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Tomato Grower Tomato grower turns to geothermal
John of Marrewijk, a tomato grower in The Netherlands, recently completed a geothermal system installation in one of its 13-hectare greenhouses. Visit Energy Edge to learn more about the system.
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