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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events November 6, 2012
FCO working to boost marketing, flower sales
Flowers Canada Ontario is looking to hire a marketing manager for its pickOntario and Brand Canada Marketing programs, along with other similar marketing initiatives developed to brand and increase market share for the floriculture producers in Canada.
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Vertical farming coming to Alberta
Vertical Designs Ltd. has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Advanced Vertical Farming in Alberta to construct a fully automated, indoor vertical farming facility in that province.
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Biocontrol in Protected Culture

A myriad of reasons exist for employing biological controls: ever changing government regulations, costs of chemicals and applications, pests developing resistance to chemical classes, and public relations benefits of growing 'environmentally friendly' products.

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Improving the semi-closed greenhouse
The Next Generation Semi-Closed Greenhouse concept by the AVAG consortium (Sercom Regeltechniek and Environmental Monitoring Systems) was judged the most promising innovation at this year’s Horti Fair.
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Poinsettias in the final stretch this month
Most often, the poinsettia production questions in November are about correcting something that is wrong with the crop. These questions are also very difficult to answer with a quick fix because of the late stage in the crops.
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