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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management November 2, 2012
Funding for Prince George biochar furnace
Sunset Pines Greenhouse in Prince George, B.C., has received $25,000 from the LiveSmart B.C. Small Business Champion program to build a new biochar furnace system to heat its greenhouse and produce a fertilization product. Discover who else is involved in the project.
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Horti Fair Award for climate monitoring system
This week, Horti Fair crowned the winner of its prestigious Press award for the “most promising innovation.” Find out which of the 11 finalists came out on top.
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NEw Climate Control System New energy optimization system
Have you ever wished you could track temperature and humidity levels in order to optimize the climate throughout a greenhouse and realize energy savings? A new commercially available technology lets you do just that.
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Water Efficiency Ranking water efficiency tech
Water efficiency technologies will be particularly important as greenhouse farming for high-value crops grows, especially in Eastern Europe and Africa. A new report identifies those with the best potential to transform the food industry.
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High-tech Solar New high-tech solar greenhouse in Italy
Debets-Shalke has just unveiled a large new high-tech solar greenhouse project in northeastern Italy, consisting of three Venlo greenhouses 43,000 m². Visit Energy Edge to find out more about the solar systems involved.
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