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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management October 19, 2012
Greenhouse to BlueHouse Greenhouse to BlueHouse
What do you call greenhouse technology that includes energy savings through the treatment and recycling of wastewater? Find out about this, the company behind it, and which US institution is making plans to use the technology in the near future.
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Efficiency Aware Another greenhouse wins energy-efficiency award
Discover the details about how a greenhouse in Minnesota has just won an "Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award," which recognizes "leadership and vision in integrating energy efficiency into business design, construction or operation."
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Armenian Project Small energy-efficient greenhouses
Learn how a company called Armenian Harvest Promotion Center is enabling individual farmers in that country to construct and operate high-tech, energy-saving and high-yield film (plastic) greenhouses.
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High Tech greenhouse Milestone for high-tech Sahara greenhouse project
The first high-tech greenhouse of the Sahara Forest Project has been finished by VDH Foil Greenhouses. Find out how different coverings will be tested in terms of crop yield, cooling system details, and how renewable energy is powering everything, including production of fresh water for irrigation.
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Ventilation Ventilation system showcased at HortiFair
At the international horticultural fair Horti Fair soon to occur in The Netherlands, Van Dijk Heating is showcasing the changes it has made to its Active Ventilation System (AVS).
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