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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management October 12, 2012
Natural Gas Natural gas storage update
Discover the details of the most recent report released by the Energy Information Administration in the US, which indicates that gas production increases will catapult the industry to new levels of storage.
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Dutch tech firms visit Ontario
Find out about a visit to the Leamington area of Ontario this week from 16 Dutch greenhouse technology companies. Two of the firms are opening offices in the province.
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Poinsettia Poinsettia selection saves energy costs
Learn why growers who carefully select their poinsettia cultivars can both save on energy costs and produce high-quality plants, according to Purdue University research.
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Another greenhouse co-gen project planned
Find out the type and size of a co-gen project in Oregon, planned to include a hydroponic greenhouse for tomato and cucumber production.
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Battery Powered Greenhouse battery power
How is a project in a cross-curricular science, tech & engineering sustainability program at an Arizona high school developing cutting-edge battery technology that can power a greenhouse – and which company is funding the project?
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